The sign that you use to advertise your company can play a major role in how effective you are at getting customers into your shop or office. Unfortunately many people make mistakes with their business signs that cause their signs to be in ineffective. Here are a couple things you should avoid.

1. Putting Too Much Information On The Sign

The goal of the sign should be able to spark interest in the public. This is not the place to tell them the mission of your company, every offer that you have going on, or all of your contact information. Instead, you need to give them something to think about. They should be interested enough in your company to either come into the shop, call or look you up on the Internet. If you have done this then you have won half the battle. A good sign says just enough to spark interest without overwhelming the person.

2. Installing The Sign Too High Or Too Low

The location of the sign is very important to the success of the sign. In many cases you are going to compete with many other signs in the area for the public's attention. The people who look at your sign could be driving in a car, which means that they only have a short amount of time to look at the sign, so it needs to be convenient and easy to see.

If you put your sign too high or too low, your audience will miss it. You need it right in their line of sight. 

3. Not Directing Them Anywhere

So you have the sign at the right level, and it sparks interest in your company, now you need to have some sort of call to action. If you don't direct them somewhere, then all you have is a sign that made them smile, laugh, or think for a moment. Consequently, your sign should say something like "off the next exit," your website, or a simple phone number. That way even if the person doesn't act on your call to action immediately they will at least know where to go when they do want more information about your business.

If you have made these mistakes it is not too late, you can change the content and location of your sign to make it effective and bring in the business that you want. For more information, contact a business such as Sun Signs & Service.