Today most businesses use signs in one form or another to advertise for their business.  Whether it is just a sign in front of the office letting people know what store they are entering, or a giant billboard, there are ways to make a sign standout.   

Less is more

If there are too many words on a sign people stop reading.  A few choice words will standout more than a paragraph of information.  Also, if the sign is placed in an area where people are traveling quickly they won't have time to read a lot of words so keeping it simple will make it easier to read.  Most signs just need the name of a business and possibly a phone number or website.  If it is hard to tell what kind of business it is by the name then it may need a logo or a few words explaining what the company does.

Location matters

Signs that really standout are placed where you wouldn't expect them.  They are not surrounded by hundreds of other signs, or if they are near other signs, maybe they are shaped differently or are three dimensional.  Another thing that makes a sign standout among many is being much larger than the other signs around it.

Choose a good height

Drivers won't have much time to read a sign, so the sign should be placed at windshield height.  Billboards can be taller on the freeway but should be shorter for in-town driving.

Bold Colors

A good sign will have colors that standout.  Choosing contrasting colors will help make the text easier to read.  But be careful not to choose too many colors or the message will get lost in the artwork.

Beware of graphics

Graphics can enhance a sign, but it can also take away from the message or distract from the text if it is a shocking picture.

What can make your sign standout?

Most signs are placed on a pole.  Being creative and having a different way to place your sign will make it more memorable.  Having a sign that is different will make it far more memorable than one that looks just like all of the other signs.

Although it can be scary to branch out and try something different when making a sign for your company, it will make your sign standout and be more memorable for those who are viewing it which will lead to more brand awareness of your company.  Contact a local sign company, such as Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd, for further information.