Even if you don't have the most expensive car on the block, you can make it more special by personalizing it. Here are some fun ways to make your ride be an extension of your personality.

Auto Decals

Auto decals have come a long way from the sticky bumper stickers of years ago that ruined paint finishes. Modern decals are made of vinyl and adhere with magnets to the body of your car. They come in a wide assortment of designs to suit almost any purpose. You can even order custom auto decals if you don't find any pre-made ones that fit your style.

Apply auto decals to the back and sides of your car to show your interests. Whether you're an animal lover, an intellect or have a passion for gardening, advertise it with vehicle decals.

Vanity Plates

Vanity license plates are personalized plates that you obtain from your state's DMV office. As long as the number and letter combination you choose is not offensive, chances are your request for personalized plates will be approved.

Be prepared to pay extra for vanity plates. Since they have to be custom made, you'll also need to use temporary plates until yours are ready to be picked up at a later date.

Wheel Covers

If you own a vehicle with a spare tire that's mounted on the rear of your vehicle, consider ordering a custom wheel cover. You can always get one with the model of your car logo, but why not get something more special, like your own business logo or a statement about your beliefs?

Custom wheel covers can be ordered online. Be prepared to provide the year, make and model of your vehicle, plus the size tires you are currently using.

Custom Hubcaps

Other drivers on the road always see what kind of hubcaps other cars have. There are all sorts of upscale hubcaps you can purchase from auto supply dealers, but did you know you can also get custom hubcaps made?

Speak to your auto dealer about getting custom hubcaps for your vehicle. They will either be able to help you order them from there, or give you the wheel and tire size information you'll need to order them from a third party online.

Make your vehicle your own with these personal touches. Not only will you feel good about expressing yourself, but your car will always be more recognizable to you and your friends and family members.